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Artcore (International) is a Limited Company Registered in England and Wales. Registered No: 3089740

Registered Office: 169 Balls Pond Road London N1 4BG

Registered Charity No: 1053641


Get in contact with us about any projects or queries you might have.

Artcore [International] is a Registered Charity that was set up in 1995 with the purpose of encouraging the production, exhibition and experience of art in all its many forms.

We provide affordable studio space to artists. We also organise exhibitions, support teaching initiatives, and are involved in community projects.

Artcore’s aim is to establish creative environments in which long-term resident artists are able to engage with each other and collaborate on joint projects, whilst further enriching this mix via the provision of  rehearsal, studio, and location space for short-term users from the wider artistic community.

We operate a number of locations in and around the London area ranging from two-room music studios and small workshops, to larger spaces such as Napier Works in East Ham that houses around 40 artists working in 25 studios.

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Check out the Artcore sponsored film and eductaion project in Uganda