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Pete Fallan is a local resident who has lived and worked in Newham for nearly 20years. He was instrumental in the refurbishment and establishment of Red Door Studios on Masterman Road where he ran a embryonic cafe, pioneered music events and held his first photographic exhibition. He was key to linking with the local community having raised small children and networking with parents. 

Pete was very interested in his local environment and established educational workshops in Newham schools. These required images and his photography career took off. However it was only after volunteering to photographing a Fashion Show in Brick Lane that an addiction rapidly set in. Pete was amazed at how models, like children, actually welcomed the lens rather than shy away. A few years of attending fashion shows, red carpet events, product launches, celebrity interviews, parties led to Pete creating a bit of a name for himself despite operating on a zero budget. Along the way though he was doing private shoots for models keen to break into the industry. A realisation that anyone can be a photographer now led to a reassessment of his career as his savings were nearly depleted. It was in 2014 when he changed track to concentrate on longer term photographic relationships with a smaller pool of individuals. In addition Pete decided to train as a Retoucher to diversify his talents. 

In about 3 years Pete worked with and photographed Caprice, Tyson Beckford, JLS, Pixie Lott, Skrillex, Gypsy Fever, MIA, Dizzee Rascal, Ellie Goulding and several other show biz presenters. He established a unique relationship  with a Russian Model, Natalia Espania, where their shoots extended into weeks, months and now years. This longer term intimacy fitted well with his new focus on quality rather than quantity. So it was no coincidence that the first shoots were part of the UK/Russian “La Red” programme. Otherwise model shoots are now branded “Golden” after inspiration from a balearic summer tune.

As well as photography, Pete has always been heavily influenced by what is now known as street art. He intends to use Artcore to produce pieces of art and also to collaborate with other exciting artists. 

Pete has been published online for example Mixmag, Stool Pigeon and Centre Stage. 

I also make and edit short films and have had DVDs published.