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The Fire School started in 2012 by fire performance expert RedSarah.  She nearly has 20 years experience of performing with fire and teaching for 5 of those years. A student one day said “you should start your own fire school" so that is what she did. It took off straight away as there were no safe, experienced or insured fire tutors.

The School is very happy to now be part of Artcore International; It has provided us with much needed affordable space to take our business to the next level. We teach fire skills to people of all walks of life, whether it's on your bucket list or you have a massive fear of fire we can tailor the classes to your needs ages 18-80. We get a lot of professional performers who want to extend their skills and become safer performers. We focus our classes on how to be safe with the skills being taught.

In the last 3 years The Fire School has added 4 teachers and extended the list of skills available to learn. We have had over 500 students, All of which left their class feeling accomplished and satisfied. We have 5 star ratings and reviews from all who attend.

In 2014 the school started a performance group, “The Burning Belles", Sarah held Auditions in the January and has now trained up a team of the best students to perform beautifully choreographed fire routines which focus on the skills taught, presented in a classical way for all the family.

Please come and find us on social media sites for the latest updates on classes.

Fire School



Videos :

http://youtu.be/2o8V564UGQQ - A documentary featuring the fire school partly filmed at Artcore.

http://youtu.be/J4HG3CFeVo4 - an interview with Toby Gomme, teacher at the fire school

http://youtu.be/9gMh_fkO3tw - The Burning belles performance at Artcore14 exhibition

The Fire School performed at -

Artcore International 14