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Annalisa Mandia is an Italian artist established in London since 2009.

Her artistic production is focused on the recycling of tyres and inner tubes through which she creates sculptures and design pieces.
Her passion for sculpture began when she was very young, at art school but only later she realised how the choice of material is essential and can strongly influence the result.

Her previous experiences using conventional materials such as clay or wood were missing the conceptual meaning that she found when she started using recycled materials. Recycling is not only a good way to reduce pollution but also her way to fight against the consumerist economical system.

Most of her creative activity is focused in search of materials and in the cleaning process, both of which are incredibly time consuming. The aim of this process is to prove that creativity can convert waste into art. In a world where industrialisation has exploited most of our natural resources those who want to survive need to learn how to use the only one left: rubbish.

Annalisa Mandia exhibited at -

Artcore International 14