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Liam Hayhow is a London based artist who studied fine art at Guildhall and graduated in 2004.

Since then he has worked in a wide range of disciplines and been involved in many creative projects always making his mark and showing influence. Despite involvement in a wide range of projects he has always been painting and making art, has exhibited in several shows and enthusiasts around the globe collect his work.

Following his graduation he acquired new skills and developed style and techniques in multiple disciplines when in 2008 he became involved with an arts collective to open Cordy House, which became a Mecca for street art and cultural and creative expression across the board.

This is where he met Alex Wreckage and Joe Rush, leaders of the infamous Mutoid Waste Company. They teamed together with Garfield Hackett to curate and produce MuTate Britain, platforming the works of over 100 artists across four floors, 8 rooms and 2 warehouses. The second MuTate Britain show, One Foot In The Grove showed the works of even more artists and cemented these events in counter cultural history.

Working again with the Mutoids Liam, for several years assisted production and built larges scale sculptural venues at Glastonbury festival. Helping Joe and Alex build a giant pinball machine and a preying mantis spaceship vodka bar, amongst other things.

It was at one of these Glastonbury where their works were noticed by the organizers of the Olympic Ceremonies and the Mutoids were invited to work on the closing cermomonies of the of the Paralympic games. This turned out to be one of the greatest creative projects of the century as the team began construction giant performance sculptures on the tops of numerous altered trucks

Following such an awesome project as the Paralympics was impossible to top however Liam found himself assisting major art collectors Frank Cohen and Nicolai Farham with their dream to build a gallery in central London. It is here at the Dairy Art Centre in Bloomsbury where, tucked away Liam has his studio space and where he has been busy scratching, cutting and painting away to produce these recent works.

Liam Hayhow exhibited at -

Artcore International 14