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The interplay of fragmentation and intensity are at the centre of Fujii-Pratt’s painting practice.

For Fujii-Pratt, the process of painting is poetic story-making as well as ‘wondering around‘. The viewer is invited to enter - almost physically - into the work to explore the intricate and evocative layers of shapes, tones and colours and to make their own discoveries. Fujii-Pratt's intention is to evoke primitive memories which have always been somewhere in the mind, or to trigger some kind of nostalgia.

The intensity of Fujii-Pratt’s work quietly seeps out with an intimacy that shifts and grows with each viewing. There is a complexity with which Fujii-Pratt layers and builds up the world she paints. Marks of memories and the constant search for shapes, tones and touches reflect her observations of the space ‘in between’ and her capacity to absorb things as they are. Her works evoke a sense of calm repose while at the same time shimmering with primitive chaos.

Mari Fujii-Pratt was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1974. Fujii-Pratt works predominantly in the medium of painting, but includes cutting paper work installations and her hand sewn books. Her last solo show in Japan was “Thirty six days” at Macka, Tokyo in 2001. She moved to the UK in 2001 and lived in the North West of England until 2004, her first solo show in the UK being at Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston 2004. Her works were selected for Parker Harris’ Hunting Art Prize Exhibition in 2003 and 2005 and exhibited in the Royal College of Art in London. Her latest solo show was “Wondering around” at Praxis N16 Gallery, London 2011. She has been living and working in London since 2005.

info@marifujiipratt.com www.marifujiipratt.com

Praxis N16 , 3-9 Belfast Rd, London, N16 6UN

Mari Fujii Pratt exhibited at -

Artcore International 14