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I am an anonymous painter based in London. My last year's theme depicted painful injury made by mass media on human world environment and behaviour. I believe that the whole fashion industry is a massive clowning which the media describes as 'normal' and is even necessary to follow. In the end of the day the world became theater in alienated waste land – where nothing is real. Hopefully, in my paintings you can see some of “Beauty is found in masculinity, which is expressed in achieved sculpture of body through rituals of torture – touch me I am so tuff.” - Algi Mick. There is as well “ A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” - Coco Chanel. Despite that, there is a lot of us left behind and brainwashed– who do not match almost non-existing stereotypes of human body. We carefully learn from advertisements to hate ourselves and our bodies. Mass media dictatorship blocked the way for us to accept and understand normality and reality (especially to woman). As well we learn from very early days that we will never be 'perfect' but we must try hard, what later leads towards mental illness or at least obsessions of daily consumerism. “When a woman is not working at her job or working in her home or with her children she is working at shopping” - G. Greer.

Sierra Wepla exhibited at -

Artcore International 14